GCIL is a supplier of Polypropylene Ropes. Polypropylene Rope is commonly available and of average cost, it serves general purposes. Darkcolourropes,in particular black resists UV far more than light colourropes.Black and blue ropes are recommended for outdoors long-term use, for their resistance to UV.


  • Polypropylene Ropes have good strength
  • Elasticity, Wear resistance and Rot Resistance
  • Average cost of Purchase
  • UV Resistant (Optional)

Rope Specification –

Diameter : 5-14mm diameter as per customer specification

Weight : Large quantities are normally purchased by weight.Minimum lengths should be specified.

Length : As per customer specification

Tensile Strength: 6mm/200kg – 8mm/350kg – 14mm/1000kg

Colour: Black for polypropylene, natural for natural fibers (subject to availability / cost)

Material: Polypropylene, other polymers, or natural materials. Natural Fibers not recycled (for quality). Number of strands: 3 or 4 strands for twisted rope.

Type: Twisted for all polypropylene and natural fibers, braided for nylon.

Testing: ISO 9554

Packing: Bales

Printing: Bales of rope marked with type, material, manufacturer, length, tensile strength, inspection reference.