FIBC bulk sack, is a modern container made of a flexible material that is intended for putting away and moving dry and flowable items. A flexible intermediate bulk container FIBC bags are also known as jumbo, bulk bag, super sack, big bag, or tonne bag. FIBCs are most frequently made of thick woven strands of arranged polypropylene, either coated or uncoated


This style of bag is made on the loom as a cylinder and is the most minimal norm of FIBC. It won’t keep up with its shape when stacked and will plunk down and lump out in the center.

A U-panel bags, have two fabrics looking like a U shape that are sewn together to make the state of the sack. It will keep up with its square shape superior to the round style.

Four panel bags made of four panels of fabrics that make up the each sides and one for the base. These are completely sewn together which opposes the extending inclinations of the bags and holds them in a cube shape much better.

This style will be ideal for keeping the block state of your item when the bag is stacked. It has extra perplexes sewn down each corner to go about as a pocket to fill each corner. Also, there are different pockets sewn on each side for all the items to accumulate around the pockets. These bulk bags will be more straightforward to stack as they will make a perfect square shape.

Products that are dusting or hazardous will have to have a polypropylene liner inside the FIBC to eliminate sifting of the woven FIBC. Liners can be made from Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon, or a metal (Foil) liner

These Bulk Bags/FIBCs are made of just a single loop. Base texture is utilized, whenever expected by the client. These sorts of bags are utilized in the development business for conveying concrete bags, and other construction materials.

UN certified bags will have to undergo many tests to ensure they can withstand the stress and still eliminate spillage of hazardous material.

These FIBCs (also known as “Type C Bags”) have interwoven conductive threads which are all reliably interconnected and MUST BE GROUNDED. A dangerous static charge is safely dissipated to the ground. Type C bags do not cause any discharges. But the most important condition is a reliable connection to the ground during filling and emptying operations

Platen bags have been developed for the management of large-scale asbestos plates. Our Platen bags bear a printed warning” contains asbestos”. Therefore, necessary safety precautions need to be taken to pack the asbestos plates as per specific country norms.

These bags are large and are made out of woven polypropylene. Finding usage in storing as well as transporting dry products, the FIBC dimensions can vary and is based on the customer’s specific needs. Application: – potatoes, onions, beans, grains, nuts, or similar products.

These are the bulk bags with dual lifting arrangements. They are attached with 4 corner loops and additionally two tunnel-type arrangements across any two sides of FIBC.

Single / Two loop FIBC bags have a unique design, where the bag’s body is itself extended to unite into one or two lifting loops.