BOPP represents Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. Bopp laminated bags have durability and are attractive and durable. These bags are used to store and move different items, including grains, creature feed, and manures. These bags are made from woven polypropylene and offer major areas of strength for a strong source to protect your products. Bopp is the film that is covered on woven polypropylene bags to give them the assurance that they should be solid. The pictures and logos that accompany your products can be printed straightforwardly onto the bags. This isn’t just a method for being more eco-accommodating, yet it is likewise an ad for you.

Benefits of Bopp Laminated Bags

Utilizing the Bopp bags gives various benefits to the clients which are:

  • Having an extremely high tensile strength makes the bags ideal for unexpected circumstances.
  • The imprinting on these bags is of heavenly quality and above all, it can’t be scratched off.
  • The surface picture is exceptionally reflexive.
  • The Bopp bags are very appealing and lovely to look at alongside a dampness-safe capacity.
  • Because of the top-class appearance, these bags can likewise be utilized for costlier and top-of-the-line products.

Industries that use Bopp Bags

A wide range of industries depends on Bopp bags to carry their product. During transportation and keeping in mind that sitting on shelves, bags have to go throw various hardships. This implies that they should have the option to endure all the contacting, moving, and different circumstances that they might be in.

The bags are flexible and ready to endure the harshness of the movement. You don’t need to stress over them penetrating effectively or tearing them while getting them. Some of the industries that are utilizing Bopp bags are:

  • Pet Care-Dog Food, Cat Food, Chicken Scratch, Goat Feed, Horse Grain, Cat Litter, and then some
  • Food-Beans, Grains, Flour, Sugar, and then some
  • Farming Fertilizer, Sand, Dirt, Seed, and then some
  • Building Materials-Concrete, Resin, Plaster, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
  • Construction-Dry Mix and Other Dry Materials

Many different industries rely on Bopp bags to protect their merchandise. To name a few Foodgrains storage, Farming fertilizers, Plastic materials, and construction materials.

Bopp Bags saves Your Cash


Did you have at least some idea that by utilizing Bopp bags, you can save your business cash? The bags are intended to have the option to have logos, guidelines, and scanner tags recorded straightforwardly on the bags, this takes out the requirement for any extra materials being utilized. Over the long haul, your business will get a good deal on materials along these lines. Most organizations that utilize BOPP bags utilize a machine to stack their bags. This is a quicker and more successful method for getting your products stowed and out to your clients. They take less space in the warehouse.

The bags are intended to have the option to have logos, guidelines, and scanner tags recorded straightforwardly on the bags, which gains attraction and additionally helps with soft branding.

Types of Bopp Bags

Bopp Printed Bags

A Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene film can be printed with visual quality and afterward
attached to a woven PP bag, and that implies a 3-layer structure: fabric, lamination, and Bopp film.

Bopp laminated Woven Bags

 Laminated a slim coating of the poly film which is fixed to either inside or outside of the PP woven bag giving the fabric resistance from moistness and furthermore refining the fabric’s properties. Bags for synthetic items, compost, and so on. These bags have constant stitching at the opening as no space is left and the materials will not be leaked.

Bopp Gusset

Gusseted Bags are extraordinarily intended for extended packaging capacity. The bag has a novel design that permits it to stand vertically.  In addition, these bags can be printed on their gusseted side for branding purposes.

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